Beginning Paintball Classes – Ages 10 and Up

Learn useful paintball skills from veteran players!

Have you ever wanted to play paintball but you are scared of the “pain.” Maybe you’ve never used a paintball gun before, you don’t know how to set up your gear, or maybe you just don’t know how the game is played… Well, would you like to get some great instruction from a paintball veteran? …Then this is the class for you!

  •  Classes are held each Saturday and are 2 hours long (Cost is $50 per person)
  •  The morning class is from 10AM – 12pm and is limited to the first 10 students to reserve a seat.
  •  The afternoon class is from 1pm – 3pm and is also limited to the first 10 students to reserve a seat.
  •  Sign up and reserve your seat today (below) or call 208-629-6229 with any questions.

Safe Paintball is Fun Paintball...

It's not polite to jump on your friends...

And shoot them at "point blank." 🙂

Let us teach you how to play.

Schedule your paintball class now!

Play better paintball and win!

About Pyrrhic’s beginning paintball classes:

  •  A perfect class for all beginners – ages 10 and up
  •  10 people maximum per class for optimum learning
  •  2 dedicated instructors per class – 1 instructor for every 5 students
  •  Exclusive and focused teaching from veteran paintball players
  •  Friendly and relaxed learning environment on site at Pyrrhic Paintball
  •  Classes are 2 hours long and are held on Saturdays at both 10AM and 1PM
  •  For students – includes paintball gun, mask, unlimited air, and 500 paintballs
  •  Students are welcome to play and sharpen their skills after class (no time limit)
  •  Lessons will focus around fair play, good sportsmanship, and safety at all times.

Paintball Skills Taught:

  •  Basic paintball rules on the field, good sportsmanship, and safety
  •  How to use and care for your marker (paintball gun)
  •  Basic movements on the field
  •  Basic tactics on the field
  •  Squad (Team) tactics and movements
  •  Basic and tactical shooting skills + marker safety
  •  Hiding and proper camouflage techniques
  •  Scenario tactics and game-play
  •  What to look for when buying your own gear and how to care for it.

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Beginning Paintball Classes Nampa - Ages 10 and Up
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