TWO – Tippmann TMC Paintball Markers


ONE – Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol


ONE – GI Sportz "Glide" Pants – XL


TWO – Empire EVS Goggles

Red Commander – Tim Ball

XO – Jonathan Loskot

Blue Commander – Mike Montgomery

XO – Leon (Ramp) Noble

Battle for Okinawa Commanders

When – Where:

August 11th & 12th at Pyrrhic Paintball

  • Friday entry $35
  • Saturday entry $45
  • 2 day entry $70 (Friday and Saturday)

HPA and CO2 fills (unlimited, included with entry)

Paint by the Case:

  • New World / $65 for 2,000 rounds

Weekend Schedule:

Friday: Check-in 12 – 2PM
Orientation – 2PM
Game Start – 3PM to 8PM – Beach Head Format

Saturday: Check-in 8 – 9:30AM
Orientation 9:30AM
Game 10A – 2P – Battle for Okinawa format

Break 2 – 3P

Game 3 – 7P – Battle for Okinawa format
Take the Hill 7 – 8P

CAMPING: Tent camping is allowed on site for a $10 fee (camp sites are 10ft X 10ft. RV sites are $20 each. Unlimited shower pass = $10 per person. Campers must keep area clean and follow all rules of Pyrrhic Paintball. You must reserve a camping spot or shower pass in person at Pyrrhic Paintball. There will be a community campfire provided central to the sites with wood provided. Many hotels are within a few miles of the field. Note: Camping, RV Spots, and Showers are available for use on Friday and Saturday only.

MINIMUM AGE: 10 years old

PAINTBALL GUNS AND ACCESSORIES: Full auto paintball markers are okay as long as they shoot 12 bps or slower. All full auto guns must be approved by a staff member before allowed on the field. Only commercially manufactured paint mortars or paint grenade launchers. Field legal back-up paintball guns okay. Most paintball gun accessories and modifications by professional air-smiths allowed, subject to field operator approval.

BARREL SOCK: Paintball guns must have an approved safety device in the barrel at the times while in the staging area or the parking lot. The safety plug must be clean and fit tightly in the muzzle of the paintball gun, or a barrel sock attached such that a paintball can’t leave the barrel if shot. The barrel must also be clean so that the plug does not shoot out and hurt anyone.

VELOCITY LIMIT: The maximum allowable muzzle velocity limit is 290 feet-per-second. (NOTE: All guns are subject to random velocity checks at any time by the field operator and game officials.

GOGGLES AND FACEMASKS: Both goggles and facemasks are mandatory. All goggles must be ASTM approved for paintball. The facemask must at least provide the wearer with full cheek, mouth, and chin protection.

RENTAL GUNS AND GOGGLES: There is no charge for a rental gun setup including goggles with purchase of entry. A valid driver’s license is required to rent our equipment. If you need equipment be sure and reserve it in advance before they run out!


Smoke grenades may or may not be allowed on the day of the game depending on the weather and fire danger. Personal game supplies are subject to inspection at any time by the field operator and game officials.

PAINTBALL FIELD DESCRIPTION: Hills, Tunnels, Trenches, Forts.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: We do not allow illegal drugs, fireworks, pyrotechnics, knives, firearms, or other dangerous weapons or hazardous devices on or near the paintball field or in the camping area.

VISITOR POLICY: All visitors will be required to complete a waiver of claims and abide by field policy. When accompanied by an official, visitors must wear goggles and facemasks. Cameras may be used, but only after the players make contact and exchange fire.

CO2 AND COMPRESSED AIR: HP air fills and CO2 is included in the entry fee. For insurance purposes, players are not allowed to fill their own CO2 or compressed air at the field.

HOW DO I WIN PRIZES?: You win prizes at the raffle. You get 1 free raffle ticket with your paid entry. You also get a bonus raffle ticket if you are one of the first 100 players to register and pay your entry. We do a raffle during the orientation of each day. The Friday raffle is limited to the one raffle ticket each player received when they registered plus the bonus ticket for the first 30 paid entries. The Saturday raffle will be for purchased raffle tickets. Those tickets will be $1 each. Make sure you hang on to those raffle tickets. Keep an eye on the Prize Link to see what we are giving away this year!

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT TEAM I AM ON?: We will post what team everyone is on the Wednesday before the Battle of Okinawa on our website. We will also have a list on game day in case you sign up late or you don’t have access to the internet.

I AM A BEGINNER. IS THE BATTLE OF OKINAWA FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS ONLY?: Absolutely not! The Battle of Okinawa is all about fun and family. Over 50% of the players have played paintball less than 3 times.

HOW LONG TO WE GET TO PLAY?: The Battle of Okinawa is actually 2 Days of Games! You can choose to go for just one of the days, or both.

FRIDAY: For the first day, Friday, you can show up any time after 9am. There will be some pick-up fun games going on in the morning. Check-in will be from 12-2pm, Orientation is at 2:30pm, then we have our Beach Head game from 3pm-8pm.

SATURDAY: Saturday is our Battle of Okinawa and it is also the day you will see the most people. The game starts at 10am and ends at 7pm. The Take the Hill game starts at 7 and goes to 8pm. This is where both teams battle to take and keep control of the hill.

SATURDAY BREAK: There will be a break in the game from 2-3 pm for people to catch their breath and grab a bite to eat. Anytime you are hit during the game, you can just go back to your starting base, wipe off the hit, and join back in the game. If you ever need to take a break, you just call yourself out, walk off the field and take a break. When you are ready to join the game again, you just go back to your starting base and enter the game again.

DO I NEED TO BRING A LUNCH?: Nope. There will be a full concession trailer at the event selling all kinds of lunch stuff.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO RENT YOUR PAINTBALL GEAR FOR THIS EVENT?:  Your rental setup is free with a paid Battle of Okinawa entry. The rental gun is a semi-automatic marker and you get unlimited CO2 and a mask.

CAN I BRING MY OWN PAINT?: Nope. It is an Event Paint Only event which means you need to buy the paint from us at the event. We will have special event colors that won’t be announced until game day. We don’t even allow anyone to bring paint onto the premises on game day. Please don’t sneak any paint on because if you are caught, you will be asked to leave and you won’t be able to win anything in the raffle.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE?: 10 years old.

I HATE LINES, HOW CAN I AVOID THEM AT THE BATTLE OF OKINAWA?: Show up early and have all your paperwork ready. You can fill out the waiver on our website or fill it out at the check-in shed. Only online waivers are accepted. Please do not print it out and bring it. Also, preregister! If you wait until the day of Battle of Okinawa to sign up, you will have to wait in a longer line and it will cost you $10 more than if you preregister. Also you will have only 1 choice of paint at a higher cost.

I WANT TO PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM AS MY FRIEND, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?: When you register online there is a spot that asks for what team you want to you want to play on, Blue or Red. Make sure you select the same team as your friend.

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