Boise Paintball: How to choose the right paintball mask?

How to choose the right Paintball Mask.

Boise Paintball: How to choose the right paintball mask?

Face protection and good visibility…for a better game.

Paintball Masks

With more than a fair share of masks on the market it can be hard to decide what one you should get. There is lots of different items to consider some cosmetic some functional. In my own personal opinion I think a mask should be one of the first things you purchase if you want to start buying paintball gear.

A good mask can help you see better throughout the day with no fogging and in general be more comfortable. Most masks on the market today fit the average person. Here are features of alot of the masks on the market today.


  • Lens- lots of choices, dual pane thermal lens are what you want.
  • Face profile- how much of the jawline/forehead is exposed.
  • Foam- foam that goes around the goggles.
  • Mask skirt- can flex or be stiff.
  • Ear protection- padding to protect ears.
  • Hearing- is hearing impaired by ear protection.
  • Visor-used to keep the sun off your eyes.


  • Goggle strap- comes in many different colors and styles.
  • Color- many different options.
  • Customization- different masks have more customization options than others.

Vforce Grill 

This is the mask I use currently, it’s not too expensive while also being a solid first mask. There are lots of different lens, and color options to choose from. All the lenses are dual pane thermal. The mask is easy to disassemble and clean. This mask is comfortable to wear for a full day of playing paintball or even just for a few hours.

It does not feature any padding on the ears but the ears are covered by the mask. The foam on the facemask is kind of cheap but still comfortable, easy to replace just not as soft as some of the other masks on this list. A lower price point makes this mask a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

Empire EVS (Empire Vision System)

The EVS is the newest mask from Empire and at the top tier of paintball masks. With a decent selection of colors to choose from this is a great option if you want to pick out something on high end of paintball gear. Featuring a dual-pane thermal lens that filter UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes and a comfortable fit on your face this is a great mask to choose.

The face foam has 3 layers and is very comfortable to wear all day long, the ear padding is nice and does not effect your hearing when playing. The mask can come apart easily without any tools, and lens can be changed and replaced with ease. The lens are huge on this mask and you have a very large field of view.

Empire Helix

The helix is defiantly the cheapest mask on the list. It features only 2 colors black and olive but has dual-pane thermal lens. This mask features a rigid skirt unlike all the other masks on this list its not going to flex if you are pushing on it. But for $30 you are not going to find a cheaper mask that has thermal lens.

This mask might not be the most comfortable to play in but it defiantly will do its job of protecting your face and enabling you to see when playing an intense game of paintball.


The KLR is the only mask that HK Army makes but it is a very nice mask. This mask has a very simple disassembly, taken apart there is only 3 pieces to it so it is hard to lose any parts. The mask is very comfortable with 3-layer foam on the face to be very comfortable to wear all day long. The ear protection is very good while also not effecting your hearing.

The lens are easy to change out and replace with many options to choose from, all the lens for the KLR are dual-pane thermal and filter UVA and UVB rays to help protect your eyes. The foam on this mask as far as I know cannot be changed out. Overall a great mask and comes in a little cheaper than the EVS with just about all the same features just a little easier on the wallet.

Its should be noted that all these masks have easily adjustable goggle straps with silicone beading on the back to keep them from slipping during play. Anyone of these masks would be a great choice to play in. There are many other mask to choose from out there I just wanted to highlight a few of them and go over some of the features of the masks on the market.

If you are out at Pyrrhic paintball and see someone with their own mask there don’t be afraid to come up and ask them about it, most will even let you try it on to let you see if it fit you. Because at the end of the day it’s about having fun and playing the game we all love.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with any questions here [email protected]. I would love to answer any questions to may have about masks or any other paintball related gear.

See you on the field,

Tim Ball