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Mention code INDOOR at the front counter, during check-in, for 1 free extra hour of play on all 2 or 3 hour ticket purchases.

Book and Schedule Indoor Game Time at our Nampa Location

We've made this page as simple as possible - for fast and mistake-proof booking...

Decide on the time frame (2 or 3 hours) you’d like to play.  All games are available to play – there are no private matches.

Click on any “Book Now” button on this page.  Then, choose the amount or duration of time you want to play.  All game modes are available to play during your play time.

Fill out your information accurately…  You’ll make your payment, see a confirmation, & you’ll get a confirmation email.

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Airsoft will have up to 4 differently themed arenas where players can face off in the dark with only lasers and special effects lights flashing to light their path.

All players will have tracer units on their guns so you can see your BB’s streak toward your opponent.

Many different game modes are available. All games are ran by a referee. We are also able to accommodate “Speed soft”

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This is Tactical Laser Tag, no bulky vests or space guns – it’s next level excitement for ages 6+.

You and your team face off against the opposing force with a MP7 sub-machine gun and your sensor headset.

You can tag people on their head or “knock out” their gun. Either way works!

Many game modes. Follow your stats each game.

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Looking for the excitement of airsoft with no pain, then Gel Blasters is your choice.  It’s a favorite for our birthday party guests!

Your game weapon of choice is a fully automatic pistol or rifle with tracer units so you see your gels flying toward the enemy team.

Work with your team to battle through lasers and special effect lighting to win the game.

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A memorable VR experience!  You and your team battle the opposing force in a 1,400 sq ft arena where you run and move around while battling in your VR world.

16 game maps – even a flash light mode. Choose your primary and secondary weapons:  knives, grenades, mines, med packs, cross bows and more.

This game is for those who love hardcore shooters like Warzone, Counter-Strike 2, Valorant. No cartoonish graphics or low-polygon models. Only realism.

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This is Tactical Nerf like you’ve never seen or played before…. Using pump action shotguns shoot the other teams with your nerf .50 cal balls.

The arena is dimly lit with special effect lighting that allows you to see your balls as you try to win the game.

Put down your cell phone > Make friends, get out and move, run – hide – dodge, and practice communication skills and teamwork!  Game viewing areas available for friends, parents, or guardians.

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For over a decade, Treasure Valley locals have enjoyed Pyrrhic’s outdoor paintball fields for all of their birthday party needs.

We now have two fun-packed Birthday party packages here in Nampa! Click the button below to see the new packages or you can book private games for your b-day party at our outdoor location in Caldwell.

Have your birthday (or other type of) party at either location and burn off your cake and ice cream.

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Our Indoor Pricing is Simple...

Pay for the amount of time you want to play and you can play all games and activities during your time.

Basic Indoor Pricing

Package 1: Includes Gel Blasters, Nerf, and Laser Tag (ages 6+)

Package 1 Price per person: 1 hour = $15, 2 hours = $25, 3 hours = $30

Package 2: Everything in Package 1 + Virtual Reality and Airsoft. (ages 10+)

Package 2 Price per person: 1 hour = $20, 2 hours = $35, 3 hours = $40

Indoor Airsoft Pricing

  • 2 hour airsoft entry only $15
  • 3 hour airsoft entry only $20
  • Glove rental – $5
  • Shemaugh rental – $5
  • Tracer unit rental – $10
  • 1000 tracer BB’s – $12

>>  Airsoft entry only is only for people with their own gear.

Note: Prices shown are Per Person and are subject to change without notice. Our website is updated regularly, but please call to obtain the utmost recent prices if you need to double-check for large groups or parties.

"For over a decade, we've been a fun and exciting staple for families across Treasure Valley Idaho.  We focus on clean - indoor or outdoor - fun for ages 6 and up.  For birthday parties, business team training, or just a fun day out with friends - we're ready to serve you all year long!" - Pyrrhic Tactical Sports