No bulky vests or "space guns."

Ages 8 and Up - Eye Safe Lasers

Birthday parties, Team Building Events, Church Groups, or just for fun with friends!

Note: Reservations are required for all Laser Tag games.

Bring Your Friends or Join Public Games

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Extreme outdoor fun - no impact or pain!

Tactical Laser Tag is not your run of the mill laser tag. This is real, wild and crazy – outdoor fun and competition! We use Laserwar commercial outdoor laser tag equipment.

There are no bulky vest flashing lights, no silly “space gun”. Tactical Laser Tag uses realistic looking guns and head bands. Tactical Laser Tag can be played day or night.

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center offers you all of the excitement of paintball or airsoft without the mess or pain making it a perfect choice for the entire family or parties where you plan to go out afterward and you don’t want to have to change clothes.

Note: Reservations are required for all Laser Tag games.

True to Life Laser Guns - No "Toys" Here!

The guns we use are a perfect fit for children and adults alike. They are small enough to fit in tight spots but big enough to not feel like a toy.

The gun has an OLED display on the side that let’s you know your health and how many rounds of ammo you have left. The gun has 81 different sounds and state-of-the-art recoil.

The gun’s range is up to 300m.The headband displays your team color and receives hits from the enemy players. The headband fits snugly for children and adults.

Loads of Fun and Challenging Games

Which game mode is right for you?

Last man Standing – There are no teams. Everyone gets four lives. The winner is the last person that survives.

Domination – Each team battles to hold the domination point for 5 total minutes. To take the domination point, you must shoot it from 3 feet or closer. It will then illuminate with your team color and start counting. Which ever team holds the point for 5 total minutes wins.

Death Match – Get as many kills as you can, there are no respawns. Game ends after 10 minutes or when one team is eliminated.

Assault – There is a defense team and an assault team. The defenders have more armor but no respawn and must defend their base for 10 minutes. To win either defend base for 10 minutes or take the base/eliminate all defenders.

Capture the Flag – You must capture the enemy flag and return it to your base. Unlimited lives.

Zombies vs. Vampires – Each time you kill an enemy they respawn as your teammate. To win “turn” all enemy players to your team.

Juggernaut – There is usually 1 or two juggernauts and the rest are hunters. Juggernauts have heavy armor but no respawn. Hunters have unlimited respawn. Hunters win if they terminate all juggernauts. Juggernauts win if they survive for 10 minutes.

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