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"Went yesterday and really enjoyed the field. Great staff good field layouts."
High Impact - Paintball and Airsoft

Paintball – High Impact Games: Full contact paintball awaits you at Pyrrhic. Most “hits” do not hurt that much and the pain goes away in approx. 30 seconds. When bare skin or fingers get hit it may hurt more. We suggest loose fitting clothing covering your skin (long sleeve, long pants). Gloves, vest, and coveralls can be rented on site. We speed check our paintballs at 270 feet per second.

If you want a rough and tumble High-Impact game with the guys (or tough girls) – then schedule today and come get some!

Airsoft – High Impact Games: Airsoft is for ages 10+ on Fridays and Sundays. Airsoft is walk-on only. This means other airsoft player may join. Field BB’s ONLY, no outside BB’s. There is no time limit for walk-ons. Come join in on some super fun Airsoft at our Tactical Sports Center.  Join in on a friendly public game, get a little exercise, meet new friends, and learn new Airsoft skills!

Passionate airsoft players come out to the field every weekend with their tactical gear to battle it out on one of our fields

Low Impact - Peewee Paintball & Gel Blasters

Peewee Paintball – Low Impact: Worried about the temporary stinging of high impact paintball, then we have protective vests and gloves available for you to rent at the field. If your group is young (8 – 12) they can opt for “low impact” paintball where we turn the speed down for a slightly lighter impact. (ONLY if you make a reservation for Peewee or Private group ahead of time).

Low impact paintball is fun for everyone while still letting you practice your teamwork and tactics on the field.

Gel Blasters – Low Impact: The hottest new trend in safe family fun, Gel Blaster is environmentally friendly and easy to enjoy! Our Gel Blaster guns fire low impact, water-soaked “Gellets” that are safe and pain free. They’re powered by a plug-in, rechargeable battery that provides thousands of shots per charge! Load up the 800 rounds and get ready to have fun!

Gel Blasters are really fun, exciting, and great low impact option, Ages 6+. Schedule today and we’ll see you soon!  Walk on Gel Blaster games are allowed – reservations encouraged but not required.

No Impact - Tactical Laser Tag

Laser Tag – No Impact – Eye Safe Lasers: Unlike High Impact or Low Impact paintball… Laser Tag is completely – Zero Impact and allows for anyone (ages 8+) to come out and enjoy a friendly game or competition.

Our lasers are eye safe, our laser guns are very realistic, and we have a wide variety of tactical laser tag games to play. Playing laser tag on our wide open outdoor fields is “a total blast.”

Don’t want to get messy? Don’t want the sting of paintballs? Then schedule a laser tag game and we’ll see you soon.  Reservations are required for all Laser Tag games.


Large Groups – 30 or more people – Ages 6+:  This is where we shine!  No one in Idaho has an outdoor Tactical Sports Complex that can compete with our size!  Bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and play Monster-Size games of your choice:  Paintball, Laser Tag, Airsoft, Gel Blasters – High Impact – Low Impact – Zero Impact – it’s totally your choice!!

We’re talking private fields, rental packages, referees, picnic areas (catering available for extra charge), 2 hours of game time, play any weekday or Sunday, and the list goes on.  Call for Reservations:  (208) 629-6229

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Fast and Easy Equipment Rentals


Bring your own gear? – Great

Don’t have gear? – We’ve got you covered.

We now allow Airsoft play on Sundays…

Yes, it’s true, due to popular demand, we allow Airsoft for walk-on only (no reservations) on Sundays only for now. Entry fee for Airsoft is $15 per person

  • Airsoft rentals available at the field ($40 ea. – includes Gun and Mask)
  • Airsoft BBs ($20 for 2,500 BBs)

If you have questions about Airsoft play – call us at (208) 629-6229.

Laser Tag is now Live at Pyrrhic!

Yes, not only do we have the largest paintball park in Idaho, but we now offer realistic Laser Tag.

  • Laser Tag(6 – 18 players) – $40 per person for a 2-hour block of game time.
  • If you have questions about Laser Tag – call us at (208) 629-6229.
  • Learn more – See our Laser Tag Page.

Low Impact – Gel Blasters (Ages 6+)

  • Gel Blasters – 6 to 30 players $40 ea. Comes with gun, mask & 800 gels
  • Church Youth Group Gel Blasters – 10 to 20 players.  Comes with gun, mask & 800 gels
  • If you have questions about Gel Blasters – call us at (208) 629-6229.
  • Book Gel Blaster Games here.

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center Prices

  • Reservations (book here) only available for groups of 6 or more, less than 6 are a walk-on. Walk-ons are welcome during open play times.

  • Private parties are $5 more per person and require a reservation. All reservations must be done at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Paintball tickets or get out pass are a walk-on only (during open play hours)


Note: Prices shown are Per Person and are subject to change without notice. Our website is updated regularly, but please call to obtain the utmost recent prices if you need to double-check for large groups or parties.


1 – 4 people – $45 EA

5 – 9 people – $40 EA

10+ people – $35 EA

Entry if you have your own gear – $20 ea. All packages come with entry, gun, mask, and 200 paintballs per person.


6 – 9 people – $40 EA

10+ people – $35 EA

Public package comes with entry, gun, mask, and 200 paintballs per person.


6 – 9 people – $45 EA

10+ people – $40 EA

Private group packages come with entry, gun, mask, and 200 paintballs per person.


10+ people – $30 EA

Comes with entry, gun, mask, and 500 paintballs per person.


6 – 9 people – $40 EA

10+ people – $35 EA

Peewee packages come with entry, gun, mask, and 120 paintballs per person.

Standard Paintballs

1 Pod (140 balls) – $7.00

Bag of 500 – $17

Case of 2,000 – $55

Extra Paintball Gear

Gloves – $3

Sniper Barrel – $5

Kids Vest – $5

Exploding Grenade – $10

Smoke Grenade – $10

Mega Smoke Grenade – $15

Ammo Belt + 2 Pods – $5 (paint not incl.)

Tactical Vest + 2 Pods – $10 (paint not incl.)



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