Tactical Paintball – Strategy and Tips – Boise Paintball


Tactical Paintball – Strategy and Tips – Boise Paintball

Tactical Tips for Boise’s Largest Paintball Park

Tactical paintball is like playing “Call of Duty” or any of your first person shooter video games. You play with a small team or squad, usually around five. Any gear extras are allowed i.e. radios, grenades, ghillie suits, tact vests, laser scopes etc. If you practice as a squad and perfect moving and fighting as a unit, you can soon dominate on the paintball field.

Being outfitted with the right gear can really help your game and increase your chance of survival and completing the objective.


Let’s start with tactical paintball radios.

Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) (Black/Silver)Radios, or walkie-talkies, can give your squad an immense advantage on the field. Being able to communicate quietly or when out of sight of your teammates is a real game changer. It allows you to send and receive intel of enemy movement, location and strength.

It also allows you to call for support or lend support at a critical moment in that game. An earpiece with boom or throat mic is a must. The earpiece allows you to hear radio traffic quietly. This is important so you don’t give away your position or allow the enemy to hear your communications.

Tenq® Military Grade Tactical Throat Mic Headset/earpiece with BIG Finger PTT for Icom Radio 2-pin Ic-12a, Ic-12at, Ic-12e, Ic-12gat, Ic-12ge, Ic-f3002A boom or throat mic allows you to easily send your message and allows you to talk quieter as well. If you choose a throat mic, make sure it does not impede your ability to breath when you are breathing hard. Most radios are good for many miles so even the largest of games are no problem.


Grenades can be your friend.

Grenades can get you out of a hot fire fight or keep you from having one in the first place. There are several types of paintball grenades to use depending on your circumstance. The paint grenade is the most common. There are several manufacturers. The “pin” works a little different on each one.

paintball grenades boise paintball gear supplies

Find one that works easiest for you. When the paint grenade “goes off” it squirts paint all around. Any player with even a drop on them is out. Next is the smoke grenade. I only use Enola Gaye brand. They are “cool burning” so you don’t start a fire, but always keep an eye on it if you are playing in dry brush. Simply pull the ring and throw.

The “burst” smoke grenade they make is my favorite. It puts out the same amount of smoke as the standard model but twice as fast. This truly makes a smoke screen that you can move through or behind and not be seen. They come in many colors. Last but not least is the bang grenade.

This grenade can be used in paintball or airsoft. It can have many different “shells”. The different shells are cosmetic and do the same thing. It’s just what “look” you want. The bang grenade uses a 12 gram CO2 to make it explode. Simple pull the pin and throw. the grenade will pop in 3-5 seconds. It make a VERY loud bang.

At Pyrrhic, we call anyone in a 20 foot circle from the grenade out, even through walls. This is helpful when the enemy is holed up in a fort and it will take a lot of paint, players or time to get them out.


Camouflage is something most misunderstood on “the battlefield”.

Ghost Ghillie Suit™ by Arcturus Camo - Advanced 3D Camo

Simply wearing camo clothes usually doesn’t help unless you are playing woodsball. First, know the fields you are playing on. Wear clothes that blend in, not announce where you are from 500 feet away. Also take in to consideration the time of year you are playing in.

A ghille suit has it’s pros and cons. If you have heavy brush or bushes on the field, a ghillie suit can be excellent at keeping you concealed. Again, they come in many different colors depending on your surroundings and time of year. A ghillie suit would work well in combination with a sniper rifle. Tiberious makes great sniper paintball guns (I will talk about them in another post).


A tactical vest is another great accessory to add to your gear bag.

Military Tactical Vest Paintball Molle Carrier Adjustable Airsoft Combat Swat

They are all similar so look for the features you want. Some features are extra pod holders, radio pouch, grenade pouches, pouches for rags, water bladder holder, etc. Tactical vests also absorb, or bounce, hits from enemy fire. They come in many colors.

Find one that fits but doesn’t restrict your movement. Finding one that “breathes” in summer is another good feature.
The last piece of gear you will need for your tactical setup is your gun. there are many factors in choosing the right marker so I will go into detail on this subject in my next post. So until next time


… Keep calm and use a paintball grenade.