Large Groups – 30 or more people – Ages 6+:  This is where we shine!  No one in Idaho has an outdoor Tactical Sports Complex that can compete with our size!  Bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and play Monster-Size games of your choice:  Paintball, Laser Tag, Airsoft, Gel Blasters – High Impact – Low Impact – Zero Impact – it’s totally your choice!!

We’re talking private fields, rental packages, referees, picnic areas (catering available for extra charge), 2 hours of game time, play any weekday or Sunday, and the list goes on.  Call for Reservations:  (208) 629-6229

Large Groups – 30+ Players – Call us to Reserve Your Game

This is a complete tactical entertainment package for all ages (6+) and skill levels that is family friendly.  It’s meant only for groups larger than 30 people. This is a private event, only your group will be playing. All fields have their own referee. Your group comes to have fun and Pyrrhic takes care of all the details.

  • Pick and choose which experiences you want. Example – 20 paintball, 15 gel blasters and 15 laser tag.
  • Paintball comes with 200 paintballs per gun – ages 10+ – up to 120 people
  • Peewee comes with 120 paintballs per gun – ages 8+ – up to 60 people
  • Gel blasters comes with 800 gels per gun – ages 6+ – up to 30 people
  • Tactical Laser Tag – ages 6+ – up to 18 people
  • Available Weekdays and Sundays

You get access to our grassy tree covered areas and picnic tables. And, your group can bring in food (no Alcohol) Inflatable’s and other games.

Call for Reservations:  (208) 629-6229

Boise's Largest Paintball and Laser Tag Park

Team Building - Birthday Parties - Just for Fun

Experience True Paintball Action

It’s true, we are Idaho’s largest paintball and Laser Tag facility. You want a good workout? You want a lot of Paintball or Laser Tag options? Well, we’ve got a little something for everyone! Most people leave with a giant smile on their face – you can tell by our awesome Google reviews!

Come out and spend a few hours at Pyrrhic and then you’ll know we’re for real. Enjoy the fresh outdoors, get off the sofa and out of the house, get out of the office, spend quality time with family and friends. We have endless combinations of fun games to play.

Learn about our Games and Rules, Read our Frequently Asked Questions, See our Affordable Paintball Prices. Click here to book now.

Prepare for Fun on Game Day

We’re open all year long – rain, snow, or beautiful sunshine! See our business hours and pick a game day and time that’s best for you. Book in advance if you want to play a private match or give us a call if you have a unique type of event or an extremely large group.

You’ll have a great time at Pyrrhic whether you bring your own paintball gear or you rent our high quality gear at the field on game day. We have a lot of options, so be sure to decide in advance if you want to play paintball or laser tag – or both! Either way, we have you covered.

Sign your online safety waiver here., See our rental gear packages and prices., Going away? Get Off-Site rentals here.

Epic Specials and Game Events

Usually, we’ll have at least one special event per month. It may be a night game, or a Mag Fed only day, or we might even host a tournament at the state or national level. Or maybe we’re simply giving you and your group extra paintballs for free.

Use the links below to keep up with our specials, memberships, and sales. Save big with money saving discounts., See Annual Memberships – Gift Cards. Want the best game day ever? Then plan a little and come prepared to play.

Make sure you have the right gear, you know how to use your gear, and know what rental package will work best for you.

Exciting and Fun Team Building Activity

Is your small business or large company still doing the same boring “Team Training or Team Building” types of activities? Then you need to tell your boss about Pyrhhic Paintball and Laser Tag – ASAP! Get yourself or your employees out of the office and into a nice layer of paint or sweat from playing on our large outdoor fields. Ultimate Team Building Awaits!

Work on communication, practice working as a team, work on your tactics, and have fun outside with us at Pyrrhic!

Great for Church and Youth Groups

Churches and Youth Groups(1) usually meet once a week or at least once a month; (2) usually do the same types of things; and (3) would benefit greatly by getting the gang over to Pyrrhic for some great outdoor fun and laughs. Working as a team brings everyone closer, it improves communication, and it lets the shy ones of the group to relax a little.

Break the mold and bring your small or large group out to our playing fields – it’s just what you’ve needed all along!

Birthday and Bachelor(ette) Parties

Every week, people celebrate their birthday, family reunion, bachelor (or bachelorette), or even wedding group party at Pyrrhic! It’s true! We have everything you need for a safe, fun, and completely memorable time with friends or family. All you need to do is figure out when your special day will be, book a game, or call us for help in booking.

See for yourself and be our next satisfied customer or large group and celebrate a special day at Pyrrhic!