Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center: Year-Round Outdoor Fun in Caldwell, Idaho

Nestled in the heart of Caldwell, Idaho, the Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. This premier destination offers an array of tactical sports that promise adrenaline-pumping excitement for all ages. Whether you’re looking to engage in intense paintball battles, strategic airsoft games, or fun-filled peewee paintball sessions, Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center has something for everyone. Perfect for large groups, friendly gatherings, birthday parties, and more, this center ensures unforgettable experiences all year round.

Paintball: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

At Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center, paintball is more than just a game—it’s an adventure. The expansive outdoor fields are meticulously designed to simulate real-life battle scenarios, complete with bunkers, obstacles, and strategic hiding spots. Whether you’re a seasoned paintball veteran or a novice looking for some fun, the center offers a variety of game modes to suit your skill level and preferences.

Paintball at Pyrrhic is perfect for large groups and events. Organize a thrilling birthday party, a corporate team-building exercise, or a friendly competition with your friends. The facility provides all the necessary gear, including markers, masks, and protective clothing, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Airsoft: Tactical Combat Simulation

For those seeking a more realistic tactical combat experience, airsoft at Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center is the ultimate choice. Airsoft games involve players using replica firearms to shoot small plastic pellets, creating a highly immersive and strategic environment. The center’s airsoft fields are designed to challenge players with various terrains and obstacles, making each game an exciting test of skill and strategy.

Airsoft is ideal for groups looking to engage in serious tactical play. It’s a fantastic activity for military enthusiasts, strategic thinkers, and anyone looking to experience the thrill of simulated combat. With a focus on teamwork and communication, airsoft games at Pyrrhic help build camaraderie and foster a sense of achievement.

Peewee Paintball: Fun for the Little Ones

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center believes in making fun accessible to all ages, which is why they offer peewee paintball for younger players. Using low-impact paintball markers, peewee paintball provides a safe and enjoyable experience for children, allowing them to partake in the excitement of paintball without the intensity of standard markers. The specially designed fields and game modes ensure that kids have a blast while staying safe.

Peewee paintball is perfect for birthday parties and family outings, offering an action-packed day that kids will remember for years to come. The friendly and professional staff at Pyrrhic are always on hand to ensure safety and fun, making it a worry-free experience for parents.

Year-Round Outdoor Fun

One of the standout features of Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center is its commitment to providing year-round outdoor fun. The center is equipped to handle all seasons, ensuring that weather conditions never put a damper on your plans. With well-maintained fields and facilities, you can enjoy your favorite tactical sports no matter the time of year.

Ideal for Large Groups and Special Events

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center is the perfect venue for a wide range of events. Whether you’re planning a large group outing, a birthday celebration, a corporate event, or just a fun day out with friends, the center offers tailored packages to meet your needs. With spacious fields, top-notch equipment, and experienced staff, Pyrrhic ensures that every event is a resounding success.

Creating Unforgettable Memories

At Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center, the focus is on creating unforgettable memories through exhilarating outdoor activities. The combination of well-designed fields, high-quality equipment, and a variety of game options makes it a top destination for tactical sports enthusiasts. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience, ensuring that every visit is filled with fun, excitement, and adventure.


Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center in Caldwell, Idaho, stands out as a premier destination for year-round outdoor fun. With a wide range of activities including paintball, airsoft, and peewee paintball, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a large group event, a fun day with friends, or a memorable birthday party, Pyrrhic is the place to be. Come and experience the thrill of tactical sports and create lasting memories at Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center.


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Airsoft - High Impact

Airsoft play is fun for ages 10+ and is available on all open days. Field BB’s ONLY, no outside BB’s. Come join in on some super fun Airsoft at our Tactical Sports Center.  Airsoft can also be played indoors at our new Nampa location.

Join in on a friendly public game or book a private match, get a little exercise, meet new friends, and learn new Airsoft and tactical skills! Walk-on public play (Sun only) or reservations for private matches.

Join other Airsoft players and teams, get a plan before the match starts, and combine your skills to be the winning team!

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Paintball - High Impact

Full contact paintball awaits you at Pyrrhic. Most “hits” do not hurt that much and the pain goes away in approx. 30 seconds. When bare skin or fingers get hit it may hurt more.

We suggest loose fitting clothing covering your skin (long sleeve, long pants). Gloves, vest, and coveralls can be rented on site. We speed check our paintballs at 270 feet per second. Walk-on public play or reservations for private matches.

If you want a rough and tumble High-Impact game with the guys (or tough girls) – then schedule today and come get some!

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Peewee Paintball - Low Impact

Peewee Paintball, at our Caldwell location, is fun for ages 8+ but also fun for adults! Worried about the temporary stinging of even low impact peewee paintball, then we have protective vests and gloves available for you to rent at the field.

Peewee paintball is great for young boys and girls (or Moms, Dads, Grandpa, and Grandma).  It provides a low impact entry into the world of paintball – helps with teamwork and communication.

Low impact paintball is fun for everyone while still letting you practice your teamwork and tactics on the field. (Reservations Only)

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How to schedule outside games in Caldwell...


Want to play our outside games in Caldwell (airsoft, paintball, or peewee paintball)  Decide on the game you’d like to play and if you want a public or private match.


Click on one of our booking buttons – or here – to go to our outdoor booking page.  Once you’re there, you can quickly schedule the public or private game of your choice.


Find the game you want, click on that link, and then go through the booking process.  You’ll make your payment, see a confirmation, & you’ll get a confirmation email.

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"We, a group ranging from 7 to 40 years old, had such a good time with their low impact gel blasters and our ref was awesome too (and took some pics on my phone while we were on the course). My 7 and 9 year old couldn't wait to go to school and tell their friends all about it. If you want to do this but are worried about pain, those are the way to go."

- Kirsten Aura, 5-Star Google Review

"My first time at Pyrrhic and the first time playing in about 10 years. The staff, and guy who I assume was the owner were polite and professional and very helpful. Rental rates are very reasonable. The refs did a good job of keeping teams even, fair and fun! I will definitely be back and will tell any friends what a great place it was. Thanks guys!"

- Sam Flynn, 5-Star Google Review

"I brought a group of 12 plus people of all skill levels to Pyrrhic paintball and let me tell you, it was a blast! The owner was awesome and set a clear expectation with us renters and let us play against each other. There was plenty of fun courses and the equipment worked perfect. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks for hosting us Pyrrhic!"

- CJ Hylander, 5-Star Google Review

"For over a decade, we've been a fun and exciting staple for families across Treasure Valley Idaho.  We focus on clean - indoor or outdoor - fun for ages 6 and up.  For birthday parties, business team training, or just a fun day out with friends - we're ready to serve you all year long!" - Pyrrhic Tactical Sports