Come Prepared on Game Day - Read Our FAQs...

About Walk On Games: If you have not made a reservation you can walk on during open hours Fridays through Sundays. (Airsoft – Sun only for Walk-ons.)

Walk-ons are public play only. This means you will be playing with whoever is there (all ages and skill levels). If this concerns you, make a reservation for a private group (6 or more people).

Public vs. Private Game Play: Public play you will play with whoever is there (all ages and skill levels). Private play is with your group of 6 or more with a reservation made at least 24 hours ahead of time. Reservation are done through our website only.

Paintball is an exciting game where players on one team work together to eliminate players on an opposing team by marking them with paint, shot by air guns, also known as paintball markers. It is a character building sport played by both men and women, of various ages and professions.

Key elements to winning the paintball game include quick thinking, fast reaction times, communication and determination; not merely by strength, body type, or age. It offers healthy competition, and teaches team building and leadership skills at the same time. It is a great way to renew your spirit for adventure.

Yes, all games have an active referee. For safety, we chrono (speed check) paintball guns at 290 fps. Read more on our Paintball Games and Rules page.

Most “hits” do not hurt that much and the pain goes away in approx. 30 seconds. When bare skin or fingers get hit it may hurt more. We suggest loose fitting clothing covering your skin (long sleeve, long pants). Gloves, vest, and coveralls can be rented on site.

If you are worried about it, we have protective vests and gloves available. If your group is young (8 – 12) they can opt for “low impact” paintball where we turn the speed down some (ONLY if you make a reservation for PeeWee or Private group ahead of time). We chrono (speed check) at 270 fps.

Yes – and we welcome airsoft on any day we are open! Airsoft walk-ons – Sunday only.

Field BB’s only. Limited number of rentals are available. You must have a mask that covers ear to ear. Sealed goggles and mesh are allowed but must cover ear to ear. Mask rentals available. Ages 10+

Please fill out the waiver ahead of time to save you time at the counter. This is conveniently done online – click here.

Our paintball facility is HUGE… It is 6 acres with 4 fields – 3 scenario fields and 1 hyperball field. Read more about our Paintball Games and Rules.

We have many upgrades like sniper barrels and tactical vests, as well as, game changing gear like smoke and paint grenades available for rent or purchase along with extra paintballs. See our Paintball Rental Packages.

We also have candy, chips, soda and water (hot chocolate and cider in the winter) available so bring a little extra cash to make your experience rock. We do take all major credit and debit cards – as well as cash for payments.

Schedule and Book Online to make sure you reserve your game day and time that works best for you.

Weather appropriate clothes. We suggest loose fitting long pants and long sleeves. Layering is always a good idea to be able to cool down or warm up as needed. Wear good shoes or boots (no open toed or flip flops).

The paint does wash out so don’t worry. We do have disposable coveralls and gloves if you need them.

Yes, we offer soda, water, power aide, candy, chips. (hot chocolate and cider in winter). Also, you are welcome to bring in whatever you want. Reminder: Alcohol is prohibited on the property and anyone that is in possession of it (or appears to be) will be asked to leave.

Yes, we have picnic benches that are perfect for birthday parties. We allow ages 10+ to play regular paintball & airsoft, 8+ for PeeWee paintball, and 6+ for Gel Blasters or Tactical Laser Tag (must make reservation ahead of time). Families and friends have been having great birthday parties at Pyrrhic Tactical Sports Center for years. Airsoft is Sundays only. Schedule your paintball party by clicking here – get gift certificates by clicking here – and watch the video below.

For the safety of your pets, as well as for our guests and players, pets are not allowed on the property unless they are licensed and trained service animals with proper proof of certification and paperwork on hand.

We have limited parking. If you are coming on Saturday or with a large group please carpool! Call ahead if you have buses or other large vehicle so you can be directed to the oversized parking area. We can handle large groups (call for info on groups larger than 50 people.

Yes, spectators are welcome. Several of the fields are visible from our staging area. If photos on the field are desired, we have safety vest and masks available so the photographer can safely take pictures from on the field (no charge). But remember – your parents are welcome to play with you; paintball is fun for ages 8 and up.

Yes, we offer discounts when groups hit 8 people and 20 or more people. Also, yes, we proudly offer a discount to our service men or women.

See our annual membership discounts.

Yes, we are open all year, rain, snow or shine. We almost never close for bad weather, but please give us a call just in case.

For the cold Winter month – read below:

We try to maintain a campfire with surrounding benches to keep warm in between games.
We usually have hot chocolate and cider available
Using more clothes to stay warm = no pain playing paintball
Paintballs do NOT freeze plus we keep them warm so they shoot straight

Our rental gun (marker) is the Tippmann FT-12. It is a great all around gun. The hopper can hold 200 rounds at a time. Tactical vests or pod belts are available to hold extra ammo. Sniper barrels can be added to enhance performance for the gun (adds 50’ to range with better accuracy). See our pricing and rental packages.

Yes, feel free to bring your own guns and protective gear or accessories. However, no outside paint – only field paint is allowed on site.

Yes, if you purchased paint at the field you can bring back any extra you may have within 4 months of purchase. After 4 months, the paint should be tossed.

Yes, you can bring your walkie talkies – they’re a great idea. Also, yes, we fill both CO2 and compressed air on site.

Your group can be private if you wish. Just choose a private paintball package when you make your reservation. This will get you your own private referee and play time. You still get to play on all of our fields, just your group.

Click here to see our paintball birthday packages.

How to play or schedule games...


First, decide if you and your group want to play inside or outside.  Choose the correct facility/location above (indoor = Nampa) – (outdoor = Caldwell) and click on the appropriate links (games or scheduling).


Know what you want to play?  Go to the the scheduling page and quickly book a game.  Book outdoor games – or Indoor time. Looking at which games to play?  Take a good look, decide what you’d like to play, and then find a “Book Your Game or Time” button.


Our booking pages are fast and easy to use.  Find the game (outdoor) or amount of time (indoor) you want, click on that link, and then go through the booking process.  You’ll make your payment, see a confirmation, & you’ll get a confirmation email.

"We, a group ranging from 7 to 40 years old, had such a good time with their low impact gel blasters and our ref was awesome too (and took some pics on my phone while we were on the course). My 7 and 9 year old couldn't wait to go to school and tell their friends all about it. If you want to do this but are worried about pain, those are the way to go."

- Kirsten Aura, 5-Star Google Review

"My first time at Pyrrhic and the first time playing in about 10 years. The staff, and guy who I assume was the owner were polite and professional and very helpful. Rental rates are very reasonable. The refs did a good job of keeping teams even, fair and fun! I will definitely be back and will tell any friends what a great place it was. Thanks guys!"

- Sam Flynn, 5-Star Google Review

"I brought a group of 12 plus people of all skill levels to Pyrrhic paintball and let me tell you, it was a blast! The owner was awesome and set a clear expectation with us renters and let us play against each other. There was plenty of fun courses and the equipment worked perfect. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks for hosting us Pyrrhic!"

- CJ Hylander, 5-Star Google Review

"For over a decade, we've been a fun and exciting staple for families across Treasure Valley Idaho.  We focus on clean - indoor or outdoor - fun for ages 6 and up.  For birthday parties, business team training, or just a fun day out with friends - we're ready to serve you all year long!" - Pyrrhic Tactical Sports