Fill Out Your Online Safety Waiver Before Your Game

Pyrrhic is a really fun place for all, but we need to make sure that everyone has a safe game-day. So please take a moment to click the link below and fill out our online waiver.

* Each player must have a current waiver on file. Please do not print out the waiver and bring it to us.

  • After you fill out the waiver online – if you don’t receive a verifying email, don’t worry. Do not fill out waiver again.
  • We’ll receive a digital copy of your safety waiver as soon as you’ve filled it out correctly.
  • Thank you for your time to do so – we’ll see you on your game day!
  • (Click the Blue Button below)
Online Safety Waiver
"We, a group ranging from 7 to 40 years old, had such a good time with their low impact gel blasters and our ref was awesome too (and took some pics on my phone while we were on the course). My 7 and 9 year old couldn't wait to go to school and tell their friends all about it. If you want to do this but are worried about pain, those are the way to go."

- Kirsten Aura, 5-Star Google Review

"My first time at Pyrrhic and the first time playing in about 10 years. The staff, and guy who I assume was the owner were polite and professional and very helpful. Rental rates are very reasonable. The refs did a good job of keeping teams even, fair and fun! I will definitely be back and will tell any friends what a great place it was. Thanks guys!"

- Sam Flynn, 5-Star Google Review

"I brought a group of 12 plus people of all skill levels to Pyrrhic paintball and let me tell you, it was a blast! The owner was awesome and set a clear expectation with us renters and let us play against each other. There was plenty of fun courses and the equipment worked perfect. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks for hosting us Pyrrhic!"

- CJ Hylander, 5-Star Google Review

"For over a decade, we've been a fun and exciting staple for families across Treasure Valley Idaho.  We focus on clean - indoor or outdoor - fun for ages 6 and up.  For birthday parties, business team training, or just a fun day out with friends - we're ready to serve you all year long!" - Pyrrhic Tactical Sports