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Paintball Birthday Parties – A real blast!

We have special packages to ensure your event  is a memorable experience for all.  Whether you are a paintball pro or a first timer.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Children, teens and adults will enjoy the strategy and skill involved in taking your friends down with a paintball gun. We’ll teach you what you need to know to get out there with your friends and have a blast.

A Paintball Birthday Party lets you enjoy your special day with your children.   Ages 10 and up can play. If you have kiddos under 10 they can shoot targets on our target range, just buy paint.  Leave the party planning to us. Your party starts with staff ready to make your party go smooth. Relax and let us do the work.

This party is ideally suited for as young as 10 and the beginner paintball players that will accompany them on their special day. We start the kids out getting ready to play. This includes a safety briefing, one on one time with staff to show how the equipment works and a chance to try it out by shooting targets before the game.

Then staff will split them equally into two teams and give final instructions. Then their own personal Referee will run them through each of our five fields while offering advice and encouragement. You can decide when you would like to take a break for your party to do presents or cake (not provided). Outside food and drinks are welcome. Picnic tables are available. Play time averages 3 hours. There are no additional fees to play longer, just buy paint as needed.


Your Paintball Birthday Party includes:

  •  3 Hour Party Time (average)
  •  Gun, mask, unlimited air and 2 Pods (280 paintballs) per person
  •  No discounts are offered for using your own equipment. We can rent any missing items you may need.  (Please check your equipment for working order before arriving at the field. Players must not hold up the group for equipment that is not ready or working.)
  •  Ages 10 and up. (9 and under can only participate in paintball target practice)
  •  Extra Pods of paint (140 balls) – $3.50
  •  Private field for your party – additional $5 per person
  •  See our two packages below for pricing.


Birthday Party with 5 to 9 Players:  If you plan on having less than 10 paintball players on your party day – then choose this birthday package and order it by using the product (add to cart) option below. When you’re on the product page – simply use the “quantity” button to choose the exact amount of paintball players and then complete the checkout. ($25 per person)

  •  5 – 9 Player Party – $25 each – includes:
    •  Gun, mask, tank, 2 Pods (280 Balls) per person
    •  1 sniper barrel upgrade for birthday boy or girl


Birthday Party with 10 or More Players:  If you plan on having 10 or more paintball players on your party day – then choose this option and schedule it with us by clicking here. ($20 per person)

  •  10+ Player Party – $20 each – includes:
    •  Gun, mask, Tank, 2 Pods (280 Balls) per person
    •  1 sniper barrel upgrade & 1 tactical vest for birthday boy or girl


Paintball Birthday Parties can be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays from 9am to 8pm.

  •  Reserve your party day and time – click here to schedule now.
  •  Picnic tables are available for seating, eating cake – food, or opening presents.

How to use our Booking Software below:

  1.  Choose the right service (Group Size – Birthday Party Size – etc.)
  2.  Select your “On or After Date” for your game day.
  3.  Under the “WITH” section – choose an available field.
  4.  Then click on “Find Available Appointments”
  5.  Scroll up and down to find a day/time that is right for you.
  6.  For that Date/Time – click on “Book Appointment”
  7.  Enter in your contact information – tell us about your Game Day in the comments section.
  8.  Pay Securely via PayPal by clicking the PayPal button.
  9.  You do not need a PayPal account to make the payment.
  10.  This payment is the base payment/deposit for your group size; final payment (if any) will be made on your game day.

Note: If you do not see your day or time available – call us at: (208) 629-6229.

Paintball Birthday Party Treasure Valley Things To Do
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