My Boise Paintball Story – Pyrrhic Paintball

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My Paintball Story – Pyrrhic Paintball Nampa, Boise, Meridian

Treasure Valley’s Largest Paintball Park

Okay, let me be honest. The first thing you need to know about paintball is that, YES it does hurt, but how much depends on where you get hit. Most hits do not hurt that much.

Paintball is a fun sport to play. It’s exhilarating, adrenaline pumping, fast pace, tactical, and a great way to spend your day. You get to meet new people, and get to experience something new.


There are three types of paintball. Scenario, Tactical, and Speedball.

Most people are using rentals and almost everyone is equally skilled. Nobody is worried about being out beaten by someone who is better than you.

  • Then there is “Tactical” paintball. Where you have a squad of people and friends who communicate with each other via walkie-talkies to strategize where the enemy team is and eliminate them.

Some of the gear these players use are markers that look like real type guns, from Sniper Rifles, to Assault Rifles, to SMG’s, and Pistols. To give themselves and their squad a more military/tactical look.

  • Finally there is “Speedball.” Speedball is a fast pace, fast action type of paintball. People spend extra money into their gear to look, shoot, and help them play better.

People buy high end electric markers to be able to shoot faster, and be able to shoot farther. Speedball is a close quarter’s game type. This is the game type that all the pros play on.


paintball boise nampa meridian eagle idaho paintball treasure valley caldwell


Paintball Words of Advice…

And some words of advice, don’t let those big dawg “pro-paintballers” scare you into not wanting to play any more. Paintball is an incredibly friendly sport.

Most times “veteran” players will latch onto a younger or newer player to give advice both on and off the field. They have sometimes been known to let new player’s use their high end gear to try out for a round or two. When you are ready to “upgrade” your experience playing, you can always start by buying your own marker and your own gear.

I highly suggest starting with a good mask first. Having the best gun in your hands does no good if you can’t see your target.

When you’re still a beginner, and plan on buying your first paintball marker, you should buy a beginner marker. Not some high end marker just yet. This will help you work on how to use and care for your marker and learn how to play the game.

After you have progressed and learned more, then you will have a greater appreciation and the skill to use a better marker.


And now…My Paintball Story.

I started paintballing back when I was in early Junior High School, probably in ’09 or ’10. Ever since then I fell in love with the sport! I’ve been going out to my local field as much as I could.

Then, when I saved up enough money to where I was able to buy my first paintball marker. My first paintball marker was a Spyder-Xtra.

At first it was a small little marker, but it did its job excellently. Then I went to a local paintball store and bought myself a longer barrel, to help increase accuracy.

And I went from a stock 12″ long barrel to an 18″ long inch barrel. After a few years of playing, my parents bought me a new and better marker. They bought me my first electronic marker, a GoG EnvY.


Paintball in High School…

In my senior year of High School I started a paintball club to try to share my passion and experiences with my peers at school. I was the first student in the Boise School District to have created such a club.

My plan was to get the club popular enough to have word get out to other High Schools, so that one day we could have battles against the other schools. Just like how they do now but with different sports.

…Pyrrhic Paintball Rocks!

And then one day, one of my friends suggested a new field I should go too – called Pyrrhic Paintball. When I arrived, the fields were very nice looking, and the staff working there are polite and very respectful.

One of the best paintball fields I have ever played on! And they let anyone join a game, it doesn’t matter if you stink at the game, if it’s your first time playing or if you’re a pro and have played in the big leagues. It’s only a game and we are all here to have fun!

It’s been 6 years and still going, of playing this great and amazing sport, I have made a lot of great friends and have done some remarkable things while on the field.

When I play I want my experience and the other player’s I’m playing with to be fun and not about dominating the other team or player.


paintball boise nampa meridian eagle idaho paintball treasure valley caldwell


Paintball players are friendly and fun!

Paintball is a friendly and “team” sport. Don’t worry about how good the other guys are and don’t think that we don’t want you to play with us. Don’t think “they’re too skilled for me, they have automatic weapons, and they’re just going to kick my butt.”

I get that a lot when I try to join in on other people’s games, especially if they are beginners.

And my statement to them is that I am here to have fun and enjoy my day just the same as you are. Also, Rec play doesn’t allow fully automatic guns anyway.

I would personally recommend PYRRHIC PAINTBALL to all my friends and anyone who asks about paintball. I love this field and will always play on it!!!

So without further ado…I plan to see you out on the field!