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There is a large lobby where guests can relax in between rounds or enjoy drinks and snacks. You can celebrate any occasion – Birthdays, Bachelor (ette) parties, team building, church groups and more. Each arena has a viewing area.

All-Year Indoor Family Fun

Simply purchase a ticket for 1, 2, or 3 hours of play time. You get to try any of the experiences we offer (must be 10+ for airsoft).

The only added fees are for Airsoft or Gel Blaster ammo. Upgrades are available like gloves, neck cover, tracer units and more.

Indoor Laser Tag

This is Tactical Laser Tag, no bulky vests or space guns. You and your team face off against the opposing force with a MP7 sub-machine gun and your sensor headset.

You can tag people on their head or “knock out” their gun. Many game modes. Follow your stats each game. Ages 6+

Unreal - Virtual Reality!!

This isn’t your normal VR. You and your team battle the opposing force in a 2000 sq.’ arena where you run and move around while battling in your VR world. 16 maps to choose from, even a flash light mode.

You choose your primary and secondary weapons, but choose wisely. Knives, grenades, mines, med packs, cross bows and more. Ages 6+

Tactical Nerf Play

This is Tactical Nerf. Indoor and climate controlled – all year ’round!  – Ages 6+

Using pump action shotguns shoot the other teams with your nerf .50 cal balls.

The arena is dimly lit with special effect lighting that allows you to see your balls as you try to win the game.

Gel Blasters

Looking for the excitement of airsoft with no pain, then Gel Blasters is your choice. Gel Blasters – Low Impact: The hottest new trend in safe family fun, Gel Blaster is environmentally friendly and easy to enjoy!

Fully automatic pistol or rifle with tracer units so you see your gels flying toward the enemy team.

Battle through lasers and special effect lighting to win the game. Ages 6+

Indoor Year-Round Airsoft

Airsoft will have up to 4 differently themed arenas where players can face off in the dark with only lasers and special effects lights flashing to light their path.

All players will have tracer units on their guns so you can see your BB’s streak toward your opponent. Many different game modes are available. All games are ran by a referee. Ages 10+. We are also able to accommodate “Speed soft”

More than ever, we live in an age where people can't get their faces out of their cell phones, people waste hours and hours a day on social media sites... We provide friends and families the opportunity to play indoors or outdoors - all year 'round!

Take a break from your cell phone - come out and meet new people in our great community - make new friends!

Birthday and Bachelor(ette) Parties

Exciting and Fun Team Building Activity

Great for Church and Youth Groups

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