Why Play “Magfed” Paintball Near Boise?

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Magfed Games – Boise Area’s Largest Paintball Park

What is Magfed?

Magfed is a type of paintball where the marker (gun) uses magazines instead of a hopper. They come in many shapes and sizes from pistols to rifles. Some are designed for close quarter combat (CQB) and some are designed for long range sniping. Magazines generally can hold between 7 and 30 rounds per “mag”.


Why play Magfed?

There are many reasons people play magfed and none are THE answer to the question. Magfed is a style of paintball like pump, woodsball, scenario, etc. What drew me to magfed originally was the lower profile it seemed like a good idea to me at the time. What kept me coming back is the challenge of only having 20 round at your disposal at a time, then having to do a mag change.


Boise Paintball Blog - Magfed

I love the rush of running out of paint, and having to dive for cover all while dropping my mag and reaching for another mag. Or taking cover to reload while your cover is getting hammered by other players hoping they won’t realize you’re out of paint before you can reload your magazines.




While most people talk about the limited rounds putting you at a disadvantage, not everyone realizes the other advantages of magfed. Those who attend large scenarios have probably encountered first strike rounds. The distance you can shoot with those is pretty amazing, and they hurt just a bit more.

Not to mention, in a mechanical magfed gun (almost all are) you can submerge your marker if it is loaded with First Strikes if necessary. You take an experienced “sniper” and put them in the right spot and they can keep the round ball shooters from advancing. I personally have experienced this. The enemy lined up the snipers on this hill, they could hit me throughout most of the field, but I couldn’t get anywhere near close enough to shoot them back!


Magfed Paintball - A True Paintball Skill


Now what keeps me playing magfed? It’s the diversity of challenges that comes along with the game. It’s not 5 vs 5 all shooting 20 bps. It’s a diversity of play styles and equipment types. You got the “in your face” pistol players, you got just the standard players using 20 round mags with paint, the heavy gunners recklessly thowing paint, and the snipers picking you off from a distance you can’t match.


Magfed Paintball - A True Paintball Skill


Of course there’s also those guys with rocket launchers taking you and your friends out behind cover. The real challenge and intensity that brought me into paintball is even more there in magfed, it matches my play style and forces me to adapt more than any style of play has so far.

If I could change one thing about magfed, I would add tank play, rockets, mortars, etc. One of my favorite things at scenario games is these little gems. Don’t get me wrong, it does and has happened at magfed games, but I think it would be the cherry on top. It seems to me like this would be the natural next step magfed should take.


Magfed Paintball - A True Paintball Skill